Illustration of Trix's face

Trix – the Intrepid Tooth Fairy (7th gen)

As the direct descendant of the first Tooth Fairy, Trix takes her job very seriously, while also sharing her companions’ zest for adventure. She is what we call in the ‘00s, a little-Miss-Fixit. She is adept at all things practical and technical, and has a wayward way with magic – hence her name.
Role: The ‘Big Sister’ to everyone.

Illustration of Tonk's face

Tonk – apprentice Intrepid Tooth fairy

Tonk also comes from a very long line of heroic Fairies. Too young to understand the significance of his lineage (or why his nickname is Tonkabell), the apprentice Tooth Fairy and his faithful companion Spike can always be depended on when it comes to the crunch. The symbiotic duo is forever fending off DK, even though Tonk may appear to be off with the Fairies.
Role: The ‘little brother’ and saviour – a mini Merlin in the making.

Illustration of Spike

Spike – the Excalibur of Toothbrushes

Spike, who suffers vertigo, was thrown through a Giant’s bathroom window for being past his use-by-date. He landed head-first, but luckily he was rescued by Tonk in legendary fashion from a certain brush with death. Now they have forged a life-long friendship. Spike becomes responsible for many a ‘shaggy dog’ story to be told over the eons.
Role: Everyone’s ‘Best Friend’.

Illustration of Pewta

Pewta – the Incorrigible Laptop

Pewta’s lack of mobility is the bane of her life – hence her incorrigibility. Although Pewta has a mind of her own, she is mostly user-friendly and responsible for downloading the daily tooth email pickups – a job she doesn’t always do.
Role: The ‘Little Sister’ who reminds us that being ‘older’ isn’t everything.

Illustration of TS

TS – the Talking Stick

As a young twig out on a limb, TS made a snap decision to break from his family tree, before becoming a legendary champion of sorts. He was on a tireless quest in search of The Storyteller’s ‘Holey’ Throne until he was mistaken for a toothpick by a giant. Being made of maple, TS is endowed with gentleness and sweetness, ideal qualities for helping his young friends.
Role: The Elder and ‘holder’ of wisdom and purpose.

Illustration of DK

DK – the Arch Villain

DK is a shape-shifting luminous blob who needs the humus of rotting teeth to survive. His relentless pursuit of the ‘sweet tooth’ in all of us ensures his presence in many an adventure with the Intrepid Tooth Fairy Team. He is a master of really ‘bad’ disguises and has eyes you can’t pull the floss over.
Role: The ubiquitous ‘baddy’.

Illustration of Flicka

Flicka – the Fearless Firefly

Flicka represents the eternal child within us all. She is, quite literally, the ‘guiding light’. Her tail-light turns red when she stops and her antennae ‘indicate’ the way whilst her nose has optional high beam. We never tell Flicka that only male fireflies are meant to glow.
Role: The sentinel and guiding light.

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