About Jane:

Over the past 25 years my professional experience has always encapsulated some expression of creativity … from stilt performing, clowning, to acting … drawing, designing …. and to animation; where both worlds collided; and with it the joyful discovery of bringing characters to life in a 3D universe … and now to a place where it all begins, the writing of stories and adventures for children …

My business, Twisted Hair Productions is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Twisted Hair is the Native American Indian name for Storyteller.


Character designer for the animation, toy and gift industries.

Published children’s book author with Schoalastic Australia.

Jane Thornton
Creative Producer
Twisted Hair Productions
- Jane’s Character Folio as a Power Point Presentation is available upon request.

NB: The ’Story Outlines’ section is password protected, please send a message for authentication if you require access.

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