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Your Privacy

Children 12 and younger
The Feathertickle Rainforest website includes may include features that can be enjoyed without submitting any information at all. But if you’re under the age of 13, and you think you will want to submit some information to us, then we need to get permission from one of your parents or your legal guardian beforehand.

Parents and Guardians
Any activities on this site could be accessed without having to share personally identifiable information. We will never impose conditions on a child’s participation in any activity, nor require the child to provide more information than is reasonably necessary for us to administer the activity. You may ask us to delete the information your child has submitted to us by sending us a message entitled ‘Delete Personal Information’ to info@feathertickle.com

If children enter competitions, we will ask for their names and email addresses. This is so that we can let them know if they have won anything, in which case they will receive an email requesting a postal address for their prizes. All details are kept strictly confidential and are never used in future for mailings, promotions or any other purpose, nor are they ever disclosed to third parties.

If children send e-postcards, we will ask them for their names and email addresses. This is so we can let whoever receives the postcard know who sent it and so we can make sure the child who sent it gets a copy (by email) too.

You should be aware that if your children voluntarily disclose their names, e-mail addresses or other information on bulletin boards or chat areas of other Web sites, such disclosures may result in unsolicited messages from other parties. We suggest that you discourage your child from providing such information on this site or elsewhere unless you are confident that the information will not be misused.

Links to other sites
The Feathertickle Rainforest website may include links to other sites that are not under our control, even though they may use our logo on their site through an agreement with us. Such other sites do not necessarily follow our privacy policies, and may place their own cookies on your computer.

We do not use cookies on our website. We do not control cookies placed on your computer by third parties whose advertising or links may appear on our site.

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