Welcome to the fantastical world of Feathertickle Rainforest – created to engage children’s imaginations – where anything can happen, and does! Thimblewood Glade, found in the heart of the rainforest was the traditional sacred clearing among the elderberry bushes where many a fire had been host to nights of storytelling and high-tales until…

One wild and woolly night, (at least one Blue Moon ago) tragedy struck – a freak bolt of lightning destroyed the ancient wooden Storyteller’s Throne and the glade has remained dark ever since. The overgrown cindered remains have become home to Trix and Tonk, 7th generation Tooth Fairies, Flicka, the Fearless Firefly, and their companions, Spike, the Excalibur of Toothbrushes, and Pewta, the Incorrigible Laptop.

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