The Giant Tooth

It’s early eve. As Trix bemoans her rotten toothache she discovers a very urgent pick-up request in Pewta’s junk mail – a request for

“a tooth of some magnitude”.

Glancing skyward, her heart begins to pound. Is this the Blue Moon she’s been waiting for?

Only she remembers the prophesy that one day she would find and uproot the new Storyteller’s ‘Holey’ Throne – to restore laughter and storytelling back to Feathertickle Rainforest.

The next eve, the Intrepid Tooth Fairies gather for their journey. Trix’s tooth is still throbbing painfully.

And Pewta, sworn to secrecy, isn’t happy about being left behind – again!

“All for fun and fun for all!” they chant, passing the now glorious full Blue Moon!


Below the luminous green, DK mumbles something about an “eye for a tooth” before dissolving into the night shadows …

With the ‘virtual’ multi-magic of Pewta, the guidance and encouragement of The Four Winds, and Elders such as the ubiquitous Mother Earth and TS, the Talking Stick the Intrepid Team begin their journey.

Trix soon learns the value of teamwork and trust as the fairies navigate the ‘typhonic snortels’ of a Giant – the hairy, scary Fairy Badlands and their enemy DK. They return home safely with “The Giant Tooth”, which will be carved by Wingnut, in fine tooth-masonry into the new Storyteller’s ‘Holey’ Throne.

the giant tooth

It will come to hold worlds of infinite possibilities and adventures, each as magical as our imaginations.

A new tradition of children’s storytelling, set around the sacred hearth of Thimblewood Glade, has begun …

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